Protect Your Gamer

Trusted Avatar authenticates, background screens and registers a responsible adult who can then create an anonymized Trusted Avatar profile for a child or teen displaying only an approved screen name and the user's age. Our screening includes searches of criminal databases and sexual offender's registers together with proprietary data mining. We do not receive the name or any other identifiable data related to the minor and the Trusted Avatar is exclusively tied to the adult's identity.

How to Register for a Trusted Avatar?


Verify Identity

Take a 'secure selfie' and a photo of the front & back of your government issued identification (ie. Driver's License or Passport).


Create Avatar

Every child or teen needs a prescreened adult to register a Trusted Avatar account and then create an anonymous Trusted Avatar for the minor. The Trusted Avatar displays only the minor's screen name and age but can be traced back to the adult. We do not receive the name, date of birth or any other identifying data related to the minor.


Share URL

Sharing your Trusted Avatar URL is the method that allows others to verify you. You achieve this by either sending your URL to the individual directly or posting your URL on a social media or gaming account that allows anyone to pay and view your status anytime!

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